Welcome to Yongkang Shenniu Industrial & Trading CO.,LTD.!


The purpose of the enterprise is to establish the brand of sports industry.

Enterprise mission: to serve the people to deliver "faster and better" service value.

The motto of enterprises: focus on one thing, link supply and demand, and achieve win-win results.

Enterprise spirit: good faith thinks innovation far.

Enterprise values: altruism is perfect.

Business philosophy: enterprises should join hands and develop together with one another.

Work philosophy: Thinking for customers and thinking for customers.

The concept of competition: without a sense of hardship, it is a great worry.

The idea of talent is that people do their best and make the best use of them.

Market concept: attitude determines the market.

Customer concept: beyond customer expectations, mining customer lifetime value.

Learning concept: to match benchmarks and learn from others.

Faith concept: honesty is the foundation of life wealth.