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  • The use of the coffee pot

    Publication time:2018-06-10

    Because the Italians drink coffee, like Chinese tea, since ancient times, so the structure of gas stove is exactly matching this, the smallest of which is specially designed for Italy pot. Fire, the mellow fragrance gradually emanates, when the sound of puffing, the boiled coffee begins to leak into

  • The structure of the coffee pot

    Publication time:2018-06-10

    Divided into two parts, the water is placed in the lower part to boil boiling to generate vapor pressure. When the boiling water rises, it passes through the upper half of the filter pot with coffee powder. When the coffee flow is at the upper half, it will turn the fire down.

  • The difference between the coffee maker and the coffee machine

    Publication time:2018-06-05

    In a word, it is convenient to cook coffee in a coffee machine, without too much skill, and do it directly in the process, but the boiled coffee must not have the aroma of the coffee pot.