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The use of the coffee pot

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Because the Italians drink coffee, like Chinese tea, since ancient times, so the structure of gas stove is exactly matching this, the smallest of which is specially designed for Italy pot. Fire, the mellow fragrance gradually emanates, when the sound of puffing, the boiled coffee begins to leak into the cafe, and when the coffee trough reaches 0.5 centimeters under the mouth of the pot, the sink is almost no water in the sink and can be turned off. Don't worry about the kettle before you mix it up.

At this time the room was filled with the smell of fragrance, the coffee poured in the preheated cup, and on the basis of your own taste, hot milk and white sugar, the taste is really beautiful!

When the pot is cooled down, it will be found that the coffee powder has become a coffee cake, and it will be put on the table on the small dish for a long time. Clean each part with clean water and dry it. No longer need to be combined. Drying can make the smell keep fresh.

Italians drink coffee without eating coffee powder and we do not drink tea. So here, instant coffee is not popular with native speakers.

Matters needing attention

1, water level: use warm water, the water level is 0.5 centimeters below the relief valve. Safety valve encountered

When the pressure of the lower pot is too high, it will automatically release pressure to prevent the occurrence of safety.

In all accidents, if the water level is higher than the safety valve, the function of the safety valve can not be exerted properly.

2. Coffee powder: the coffee powder is finely grained and filled with powder tank. When the powder is loaded, the vibrating powder tank is properly vibratory to make the coffee powder evenly distributed and filled.

Gently press the surface with your fingers to make the powder more dense.